Another one down…

Finally dinged 90 on the priest two nights ago.  So what do I do?  I dust of my 50 something hunter.  I am still dealing with some horrible lag issues, so I can’t really run dungeons or anything where I have to be a reliable contributor to the team.  Lag spikes, random DC’s, and unavoidable deaths are one thing whilst playing solo, but when 4 other people are relying on you to pull your weight, it’s better not to risk it.

I did take the rogue to the Isle of Thunder.  Ran all of the solo scenarios out there, and genuinely had fun with those.  Since Stabs in my best geared toon, he didn’t have much trouble with anything out there other than the occasional crushing blow from the lag monster.

I haven’t seen much of Dev or the Squirrel lately.  but between my work schedule and everyone getting over Thanksgiving and gearing up for Christmas, it doesn’t really surprise me much.  Truth be told, it is probably better that I don’t run into them until I get this network issue sorted out over here.

One more day off, and then back to the grind.  I am sure my internet will remain questionable so long as I have time off, and will stabilize once I go back to work.  Murphy acts like I owe him money.

Happy Gaming!



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